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A New Beginning

It all began for me after a question I put to myself, “What value can I, my life and my passions add to the lives of those I come in contact with?”  You can imagine the roads that I have been down as I answered that question.  What it all boils down to is loosing myself in the Lord Jesus Christ and allowing Him to live, love and speak through me! Complex, simple, hard, easy, beautiful and glorious are the words that ran though my mind as I set about the task.  They may seem contradictory on the surface, but as we travel this road together we will encounter them all plus some others.

For years I had been exposed by my mother and work place situations to being creative with flowers and fabrics. In raising three children, I was so blessed to sew, smock and knit for them.  So I enjoy creating and making available items that will enhance those who wish to engage in the fiber arts. My husband, Larry, and I set out to do just that.

So the “New Beginning” begins with the knitter.  My first project was what I called the “Miss Marple Bag”.  If you have ever watched any of Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple Mysteries, you will see her carrying a large knitting project bag.  This was my inspiration!  A beautiful bag, lots of pockets and wooden handle were to be to order of the day.

So here is the “New Beginning”:

Handbags 930 Ewe Bluebird




There have been many other creations since then that I will post later.  I had to start somewhere….so the beginning was the best place!

Have a blessed day…

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