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ElegantBluebird1Husband and wife for forty-five years. Mother and father of three wonderful children who have God-given spouses. We are blessed to be grandparents to five “grand” children! Our lives are consumed with bringing glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Bible says in John 1:3-4, “All things were made by Him; and without Him was not any thing made that was made. In Him was life; and the life was the light of men.” To me, the bluebird is one of the most beautiful things that was created. Not only beautiful to listen to and look at, but their lives exemplify God’s steadfastness. They mate for life and watch over and defend their young. Even the “teenagers” come back and help “mom and dad” raise the next clutch. How beautiful is that? We love to create beautiful things from  fabric and well as make and sell items that will enhance the lives of the purchaser. We trust that as we post thoughts and products that you will be blessed.

I loved making clothes for myself and our children and even made a kite for our son (too heavy–never flew!!)  I learned how to smock and made the girls pretty little dresses and knew they were growing up when they no longer wanted sashes on their dresses.  I’ve sewn drapes for our home, recovered chair seats, sewn needlepoint pillows, Irish linen table linens, and even our youngest daughter’s wedding gown!

With a Divinely orchestrated series of events, Larry and I found ourselves out of a career as pastors of a local church and facing the best years of your lives needing to reinvent.  With my love of sewing and knowledge of fabrics and his knowledge of computers and business, we teamed up once again to start a garment decorating business.   Armed now with computers, software, embroidery machines, heat presses and vinyl cutters, we have launched once again into what we love to do….serve people.  When we pastored, because we were not a large church, we could not purchase in quantities that would garner the best price.  Even then we received product that was less than what we expected from the hype of advertising.  So when we began this business, we pledged to ourselves to be fair in pricing and always deliver more than we promise.  Will we do the large orders, only when we can deliver as promised.  Will we do the orders of one, yes we will and deliver the same service at a reasonable price.