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sheepknittingWhile I have known how to knit for many years  I have spent many more hours sewing than knitting .  I loved making clothes for myself and our children and even made a kite for our son (too heavy–never flew!!)  I learned how to smock and made the girls pretty little dresses and knew they were growing up when they no longer wanted sashes on their dresses.  I’ve sewn drapes for our home, recovered chair seats, sewn needlepoint pillows, Irish linen table linens, and even our youngest daughter’s wedding gown!   Alas, neither of our daughters really “loved” sewing but they are both amazing knitters!   Sooo, I decided to adapt and become a better knitter so we could have our own knit times.  We call them “Girl’s  Days”.  They can include shopping  (often for yarn), usually eating, and lots of talking and laughter.  Sometimes my husband will ask, “What did you girls talk about?”.   And you know,  I don’t always remember what we talk about to relate to him because Girl’s Days are more about sharing with each other heart to heart.  It’s what the Bible calls koinonia–entering into one another’s lives.  So  I would like to invite you to join me on this journey and let’s become better knitters.                  There are a lot of wonderful knitting blogs out there and a tremendous amount of information on stitches, gauge, tension, yarn, needles  but as  I share with you and you leave comments to me  I believe the Lord will help us to grow into better  people.  Knitting has so many parallels to “real” life!  So this is a blog from a woman with a “real” life and “real” faith in a “real” God!  Follow me and be a part as we share from heart to heart.

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